For the first time in his life, the little locomotive was given a task on his own. He has to take his wagons and passengers safely home from a busy train station. On top of that he needs to collect locomotive parts on the way, so that his friend can be repaired.

Accompany the little locomotive on the adventurous path and help him overcome the obstacles that arise during his journey!


Finally a really fun afternoon program for preschool kids! This exciting, interactive escape game will move children coming home from kindergarten, but still full of energy, not only mentally but also physically! Each team member will be able to find a task they like among puzzles that requires logical thinking, dexterity, or exercise.

Turn your child's playroom into an escape room and live this unforgettable experience together! 

Content of the package:

- 1 GAME RULES, which contains the purpose of the game, the rules and a step-by-step guide to the game master on how to prepare the game. In addition, in this game description you can find solutions to the tasks, that guarantee that you will not be able to get stuck during the game. 

- 9 INTERACTIVE GAME TASKS, which can be solved in parallel, so they are excellent for teams of several people.

The tasks have been designed to minimize printing costs. The tasks to be printed are 4 A4 pages at the start of the preparations. The playing time is approx. 60-90 min.

We send you the product in maximum 24 hours to the e-mail address you provide. 

Difficulty: 5/3     (mostly for children aged 4-6 )

Price: 13 €