Harry Potter fans, attention! It's time! Now you also can be a part of the famous wizard's world!

Voldemort trapped Harry, and the Horcruxes that make the Dark Lord invulnerable are scattered around the world. Only you can find all the magic items and free Harry Potter to stop Voldemort together! 

Put on the qualities of your favorite characters and solve the cunning and interactive puzzles, before Voldemort would break into world domination!

Enchant a real escape room from your home, which will be a guaranteed fun for the whole family and friends! The game can be enjoyed in the same way by those who didn't see the films, but since the makers themselves grew up watching Harry Potter movies, the game is sure to not disappoint fans.

Believe me, this is a must-have game! 

Content of the package:

- 1 GAME RULES, which contains the purpose of the game, the rules and a step-by-step guide to the game master on how to prepare the game.
- 6 CHARACTER CARDS, with which you can put on the qualities of your favorite characters and get a special ability. This guarantees that every player is an important part of the team.
- 13 INTERACTIVE GAME TASKS, which can be solved in parallel, so they are excellent for teams of several people. The game can be completed on a total of six possible routes.
- 7 WEBSITE CREATED FOR THIS GAME ONLY, which will be available after the decrypted codes and passwords. These include prizes won and information important to the game. 
- 26 HINT CARDS, which guarantee that you will not be able to get stuck during the game. You could ask for two hints per task and, if it's important, view the complete solution to the task.  

The tasks have been designed to minimize printing costs. The tasks to be printed are 10 A4 pages at the start of the preparations. The escape room was also designed so that the game master, who do the preparations could participate in the game in the same way as the others. The playing time is approx. 90 min.

Price: 16 €     (14 £)